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CS 5201: Submitting with Git

You have the option of using Git to submit your homeworks this semester. Some advantages of using Git include:

If you wish to use Git to submit your homework, please log into GitLab, then email me with your SSO ID so I can add you to the Git submitters list. If you change your mind later, email me and I can switch you back to using cssubmit.

How To Submit

I will make you a repository on GitLab for each homework assignment. You will get an email about this when the homework is assigned.

  1. Go to GitLab and clone the repository for that homework assignment
  2. Do your homework, committing it as you go
  3. When you are finished, push your commits to the repository
  4. Check the repository on GitLab to be sure your submission is correct
Please do not commit any compiled stuff (object files, executables) or other junk (core dumps, memes, etc.) to your repositories.

Setting up Git

Here are some resources for getting started with git:

As always, feel free to ask me if you have any difficult questions.