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CS 1570 Extra Credit

Offering extra credit for CS 1570 provides me with an irresistible opportunity to subject you to my favorite subject: mathematics!

Conveniently, there is a beautiful website, Project Euler, that has a bunch of odd problems for you to solve. I've selected a few that won't be too difficult but still require a bit of cleverness to code up a solution. (As it turns out, I've selected only even-numbered problems, so hopefully these won't seem too odd to you.)

The problem statements describe problems and give examples but generally don't explain every detail of getting a solution. Therefore, you should submit code that solves the problem and that is commented to describe how you solved it. Naturally, your code should be formatted well and follow good coding practices—I have to read it, after all.

You may submit up to three problems selected from the list below. Each problem is worth 1% of your overall grade in the course (to put this in perspective, all three combined are worth almost as much as one homework assignment). If you find another problem that strikes your fancy, ask me—I'll probably be fine with it.

Submissions are due at noon on Friday, December 9. Submit your solutions by emailing me the relevant cpp and h files.

As always, if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!